Monday, August 18, 2014

One Week

My big sweet boy is starting kindergarten in ONE week! 
Today he told me he was almost SIX and he was  "going to that school! Silly Mama!"
I'm not ready. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Three Months

On Saturday our sweet boy turned 3 months old. 

He is SUCH a happy boy. When we aren't calling him by his name, we are usually just calling him Happy. About a week ago we were rewarded with a laugh. I don't think there are many ways to make your day brighter than that.

Happy has become a pretty decent tummy-to-back roller. His brothers are delighted by this development. I'm not sure why, but they find it completely hysterical. 

photo by Munch
He found his fingers this month. He doesn't so much suck on his fingers as chew on them. We are trying not to encourage it, but it's super cute. When he's not chewing on them he's learning how to use them to grab for his toys and anything else within reach. 

This kiddo just loves watching his big brothers and has become such a wiggle worm - working those muscles so he can learn how to do all those fun tricks they know how to do.

I'm sure he'll me chasing them around in no time. 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Project Life 2014: Title Page and Week One

These pictures are horrendous...but I figured if I waited until I could get a decent picture I would never get anything posted. 

week one:
This absurdly long time....for no reason whatsoever.  
page one:
I love when a photo has room for journaling...also love the bicycle stamp I found in my's been like a treasure hunt sorting through everything. 

page two:
I've been trying hard to use more of my alpha stickers. I have a huge hoard of them that I just don't seem to use enough. I really like how the "be happy" card turned out. The card itself was painted with left overs after a painting session with the boys. I'm so glad I got to pull it out of my stash. 

I think I've finally figured out a system for working on my albums, which involves jumping all over the place, so my scrappy posts probably won't be in order. That's okay. I love that I can do Project Life my way and now I have organized my stuff I should be able to use my stash easily. (I'm hoping to do a post on that soon.)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Currently: 7.12.2014

Watching: Orange is the New Black - one more episode to go

Reading: Written in My Own Heart's Blood - Diana Gabaldon - she NEVER disappoints

Listening: Afternoon Acoustic Playlist on Spotify - fairly certain that they put together this playlist JUST for me. Seriously, I'm not sure I could have done a better job myself.

Making: Not much...but soon...

Feeling: A little overwhelmed

Planning: Operation Craft Cabinet, Project Purge

Loving: Singing and Talking to my little man. His smile lights up my life.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Two Months

Our happy little man is two months old today.

It always makes me sad when I see how fast my kiddos grow, somehow it's always surprising, but I LOVE watching them develop and learn.

He had his well visit this morning and he is weighing in at 13.7 pounds and 23.3 inches. He was smiling in the hospital before we took him home, but he is smiling SO much more now and he has a sweet chuckle he makes on the cusp of sleep that just tugs at my heart.

He "talks" more each day. Munch and Nox are delighted that he answers back when they come over to smother him. :o) I feel so blessed to have three boys that obviously love each other so much.

We have been working hard on tummy time. Each day he gets stronger and more tolerant of it; although there are times when he just manages to roll onto his side and vetoes his tummy altogether.

He started sleeping 6-7 hours a night this past month, which is more than I get most nights and there have even been a couple mornings I've woken up before him, once I even managed to get up before Nox.
Love it.