Friday, April 10, 2015

Eleven Months

Just one more month till our Happy little ginger turns ONE year old. 

Those top two teeth have come in, but he's still chewing everything. 

He thinks wishes make for the perfect snack. His brothers find this HILARIOUS. 

Happy is trying to go out of our 6-9 month clothes and onto our 9-12...although the pants are still insanely long and loose. 

Mama is pretty sure that walking is coming VERY soon. Happy is certainly thinking long and hard about it.

Right now Happy only gives very rare kisses, but when he's sleepy he will grab your face and pull it close to his and just smile. 
And my heart swells. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ten Months of Happy

Our little man turned ten months old on Monday. 
This month our little guy is in to EVERYTHING and loves tearing into the book shelves and toys like a hurricane. 
He's still working hard on those top two teeth and is loving trying new foods. 
He is all about Daddy at the moment. His whole world lights up when Daddy comes into the room. 
He recently learned how to wave. Which is a pretty fantastic trick if you ask me. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy 9 Months

This kiddo turned 9 months a week ago. He is constantly moving and nearly impossible to photograph. He has moved on from his adorable army crawl and has that belly completely off the ground. 
 His top teeth JUST started coming through, but that hasn't really changed his happy disposition.
I love this pre toddler stage. Happy is so fun. He loves "talking" to everyone and following his brothers EVERYWHERE. They are his heroes. He has started trying to give Eskimo kisses, which is adorable when it works out....when it doesn't you get rewarded with a sore nose instead.  
He is attempting some standing on his own. Lots of letting go and split seconds of balancing and trying so so hard to move directly from sitting to standing. He's not there yet, but I know it's only around the corner. He DID discover the stairs this past week and that has been an adventure. He mastered them after his first attempt and the gate went up shortly after. Hasn't stopped him from attempting to go up though.
Napping has been a major headache. For basically the whole month of January he would only nap if I was holding him. It made it very hard to do house work or pay much attention to the big boys. It made for a pretty rough month, but I think we are finally past that now. 

We have FINALLY figured out a routine. Yep...NINE months is how long it took, but I think we are there. That means chores are getting done (ish...more...better?), attention is more equally divided between the kids AND Mama is getting a few minutes here and there to do stuff for just her. Woot! 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Eight Months

My little Happy is EIGHT months old now. He's still tiny and just now growing out of his 3-6 month stuff...but man does he have a huge presence in our home.
He has completely mastered his army crawl and is enjoying exploring EVERYTHING.

He can pull himself up to standing like a pro and his is delighted to grab your hands when you reach out to him so he can practice "walking".
The whole sitting milestone kind of sneaked up on us. One day he wasn't and then all of a sudden he was acting like he knew how to do it all along.

Happy gives out his wet slobbery kisses pretty freely to those he loves and adores coming in for a hug and quick snuggle before dashing off on another adventure.

Those two adorable bottom teeth are fully in now and I THINK his top ones are planning an appearance soon.

He prefers a bottle to baby food, but loves sitting down for a good snack or trying whatever is on everyone else's plate.

He talks up a storm now and it is SO SO much fun to listen to. I wish I could bottle it up for rainy days.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy Seven Months

Last week our littlest bear turned SEVEN months. 
He is still as Happy as ever and always has smiles to give out. 

Those bottom teeth have officially come in and Happy is loving testing them on everything in his reach. 

He learned an impressive Army crawl just days before the 7 month I had to trap him in his pack and play to get pictures. 

He is still a little guy and just now is starting to fit into 6-9 month stuff.
My favorite moments with him this past month were snuggled up on the couch just memorizing each other's faces and his sweet smile when he wakes up and sees my face. 
Happy has also started giving big sloppy baby kisses. He is very selective about it, so it means a lot if you get one. 
He makes my heart swell.